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Rinse Aid 500ml: Superior Dishwashing Finish

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Uniquely Natural Rinse Aid is made from Biodegradable ingredients that leave glassware, cutlery, and dishes sparkling skin care clean.


Water, Alcohol, Lemon Oil 


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Lemon Fresh, Planet Friendly: Uniquely Natural Rinse Aid

Uniquely Natural Rinse Aid 500ml has a brilliant eco-friendly formula made of the finest nature’s gifts. We never use any synthetics, harsh chemicals, or artificial fragrances and replace such harmful elements with biodegradable ingredients. We welcome you to enjoy sparkling glassware, cutlery, and dishes without harming your planet or hands.

We present you with a product that has a gentle yet incredibly powerful cleaning formula for better performance and efficiency. Where purified water serves as the base, alcohol is a flawless degreasing agent. For a refreshing citrus scent, we add Lemon Oil that also contributes to leaving a streak-free shine. When combined, it effectively breaks down grease, stains, and food residues.

Shine Bright, Shine Right!

What can you expect from our rinse aid?

·         Effective dish cleaning, free from spots or streaks.

·         Versatile Usage – apart from dishwashers, it is made suitable for all your cleaning needs.

·         Invigorating Fragrance that enhances overall cleaning routine.

·         Your family's health is protected.

Apart from rinse aid, we bring you a versatile range of dishwashing liquid, dishwashing powder, and dishwashing salt. For a holistic, all-inclusive cleaning, buy our Cleaning Starter Pack or The Household Pack.

Customer Reviews

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june hamilton

love the rinse aid from Uniquely natural ... only need a small amount, leaves my dishes sparkling... :)