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Facial Toner 125ml

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Uniquely Natural Alcohol-Free Facial scrub toner is specially formulated to provide a clean, refreshing feeling without the use of harsh drying effects of alcohol. Uniquely Natural Facial cleaning will not strip your skin of its moisturisers and will help soothe, tone, and cool tired skin. 

Ingredients: Purified Water, Rose Water, Orange Water, Sodium Hydroxmethylgycinate 

Citric Acid


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Alcohol-Free Facial Toner For Your Skin Gentle Care

Uniquely Natural facial toner 125ml has a mild formula that is packed with active agents and plant-based ingredients. With no alcohol, it never exposes your skin to intense dryness or skin allergies. You can use it to enjoy a refreshing sensation, maintain your skin's moisture levels, and nourish your skin - thanks to the use of natural and skin-friendly components.

Promoting a healthy and vibrant complexion!

Soothe, Tone, and Cool Your Tired Skin

We made it safe and gentle for all skin textures and types. Where rose water and essential oils bring much-needed hydration, the hand-picked botanical extracts brilliantly enliven and restore your complexion. Also, orange water adds a burst of citrus in terms of fragrance and skin radiance. 

Its beneficial ingredients calm and balance the skin, leaving it feeling oh-so-soft and velvety. Additionally, we promise the longevity of our toner without sacrificing its purity or potency.

For skincare that's as pure and natural as the beauty of your skin, you can buy our Skin Care Starter Pack. Need a piece for yourself? We have a facial scrub, facial cleanser, body lotion, and many other skincare items in convenient packaging.

Customer Reviews

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Refreshing and light

I use this by saturating a cotton pad/wipe and using it like a wipe-over toner, rather than spraying it directly on my face. Cleanses and moisturises, while soothing my skin. Smells really nice. No irritation. Only comment is that I would like to see the spray replaced with a proper lid as it's not as easy to recycle.