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Our Story

You know the saying, "It's never too late to start"? Well, it's about how the journey matters more than where you begin.

And this is my story of offering a cleaner, more natural, and sustainable way of living…

Getting married at 17 and becoming a mom at 15 wasn't easy at all. But through all the challenges, I was determined to be the best mom I could be. From being gifted with seven children to seven beautiful grandchildren, having a big family like ours wasn't easy on our finances. 

We struggled to afford natural products, which were important because two of our kids had eczema. Wanting the best for them, we did our best because I was instilled with a potent sense of determination and ready to beat the odds stacked against me.

As my children attended school, I worked on the realisation of my vision right in my kitchen, where I learned the alchemy of formulating blends infused with essential oils and natural ingredients. It was no longer cooking cakes for the family after school; it was asking them to try a new product I was working on! The goal was to make products for hair care, skin care, and household cleaning that are not only useful but also gentle on your body and the environment.

Making products that deliver extraordinary results without the use of harsh chemicals, non-natural fragrances.

Faced with the issue of finding natural products at affordable prices in the market and believing that nature holds the key to optimal health and wellness, I decided to market my own range after hours of meticulous research and experimentation. Each product brought me closer to perfection. Thus, the seeds of Uniquely Natural were sown in 2010.

Uniquely Natural is a proudly Australian Made and Owned family business!

From securing a warehouse in Lonsdale, South Australia, to extending the product range, I cannot tell you the incredible proud feeling I get at the sight of Uniquely Natural's products adorning supermarket shelves. Enduring the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship, my team helped this become a reality. Together, we uphold a commitment to excellence and deliver maximum benefits. Now, we are supplying over 500 stores nationally. 

Our trajectory is poised for continued growth, and we will introduce new lines to meet the increasing demand for natural and environmentally safe products. We source only the finest ingredients, prudently picked for their purity and potency.

Join us on our mission to re-conceive beauty & wellness with products that are as natural as they are effective.