Our Story

There is a saying, it is never to late to start and ……. It is not about how you start it is about your journey.

And this is my story….

I had an early start into motherhood, definitely not recommended but it certainly had some defining moments. Motherhood began at 15 and as you can imagine it would not have been an easy journey. There were many obstacles that I needed to overcome. The one thing I was determined about was to be the best mum I could be this is when I found the meaning of unconditional love through my baby girl. It was a very overwhelming time and one with many learning curbs.
I married at seventeen and went onto have seven children and today I am very proud to say I have seven beautiful grandchildren.

As one would image having seven children has a huge impact on finances.
As a single income family, buying Natural products was hard to find let alone finding one that we could afford. Buying natural products was not just a lifestyle I wanted but a necessity as two of our children had been struggling with eczema.
Like all families, we wanted to provide them with the best opportunities we can.

Putting my dream into motion:
My early exposure to motherhood brought skills of its own, one of them determination, to beat the odds stacked up against me. This determination encourages me to continually keep pushing boundaries in a positive way.
While the kids were at school, I started to launch my vision for a business. The goal was to make natural affordable hair care, skincare, and household cleaning products. My exposure to business was limited and I needed a starting point, and this is where it began in my kitchen. It was no longer cooking cakes for the family after school, it was asking them to try a new product I was working on. Struggling to find natural an affordable products on the market I decided I would research into making my own range. After intense research and studies and searching hours on end through the internet the vision of Uniquely Natural was embarked on. I would formulate and experiment in my kitchen with all the essential and natural oils that I could source until I had made the perfect natural product. In 2010 Uniquely Natural was open for business.

Taking a leap of faith, I leased a warehouse in Lonsdale South Australia. It was  hard work but definitely worth stepping out and making my dream tangible. The journey has been an huge learning experience one I reflect on with amazement and gratitude for all those who have journeyed this time through with me. Yes there has been challenges and at times you do question your sanity but I cannot tell you the incredible proud feeling I get when I walk down a supermarket aisle and see the range I formulated. I appreciate my team as they all helped this become a reality and put up with all the craziness that happens within business.
  Our team strive to meet the highest standards and we are committed to providing exceptional service to our esteemed clients and customers.
Uniquely Natural has now expanded into a national business supplying over 500 stores nationally . We will continue to build on our business and introduce new lines as the demand for Natural and environmentally products grow. The exciting thing is Uniquely Natural is proudly Australian Made and Owned family business.