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Moroccan Shampoo 250: Hydrating Hair Cleanser

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Bringing you the ultimate solution to keep your hair nourished and revitalised!

From luxurious hydration of hair strands to deep cleansing of the scalp, our Natural Moroccan shampoo 250ml is capable of transforming dull and dry hair into silky-smooth. Made with natural ingredients, without parabens and sulphates, and loaded with argan oil, it has moisturising qualities. 

Sizes Available: 250ml, 500ml

Our shampoo deeply penetrates your scalp to tame your frizz while promising extra shine and softness. Consider it a gentle yet effective cleanser featuring an exotic aroma that gives relaxation.

Our Moroccan Shampoo 250ml works best with our Moroccan Conditioner, which is also available in 250ml and 500ml. The last piece in the puzzle of your ideal hair care routine is our Hair Brush - made ideal for all hair types.


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