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Laundry Liquid 1L: Effective Cleaning Solution

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Uniquely Natural Laundry Liquid is suitable for top load washing Machines providing big results at an affordable price. Our Uniquely Natural Laundry Liquid contains no enzymes, phosphates, or bleaches the laundry powder Liquid low in sodium, meaning it is safe for greywater use.

Our Laundry Liquid is Top Loader Friendly. If you would like to use it in a front loader we would recommend using a little bit less.

Sizes Available: 1L

Ingredients: Purified Water, Coco Betaine (plant derived) Decyl glucoside ( plant derived) Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, Eucalyptus Oil, Lime Oil 


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Laundry Liquid  With Powerful Plant-Derived Cleaning Agents 

Uniquely Natural Laundry Liquid 1L - compatible with top load washing machine - contains only natural ingredients that are carefully proportioned to make a formula that is strong enough to pull the deepest, toughest stains and dirt from the fabric. It's no-residue and low sodium formulation is another plus for delivering optimal results in every wash cycle.

Our product contains no artificial fragrances or dyes. Available in a convenient bottle, it can be used for a whole lot of laundry. Do you like the flowery scent coming from your clothes? Buy our Floral Laundry Liquid

A Gentle Yet Thorough Clean 

It will wash your clothes effectively without compromising on environmental safety. Our laundry liquid is a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and sustainable product, entirely free from bleaches and phosphates or harmful or harsh chemicals. Besides breaking stains, it also eliminates odours. And, yes, it doesn't leave any harsh scents behind. Also, we have Laundry Liquid Sensitive for your expensive, delicate fabrics. 

If you are not a fan of liquids, feel free to try our all-natural Laundry Powder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Have been addicted since day 1

My husband and i were lucky enough to stay at a B&B which supplied kitchen and toiletries by Uniquely Natural.
We are from W.A. and have moved to S.A recently with a child needing transplant here at Flinders. We value natural, organic and earth sensitive products for our own health but also our sons health while he awaits his surgery.
Uniquely Natural is now a staple in our home. The products are gentle, non irratating to our family and make me feel like im back home
Im forever thankful we came across the B&B here in Adelaide that was supporting a local business. And im thankful the products have been that amazing for my family that we cant go back now after trying them.
The smell, texture and gen tle formulations in the washing liquid and dish wash liquid are genuinely appreciated, that someone took the time to make something to give care to others out there in the world.
Well done team. 👏 my family will never go back now 😊😊

Smells great and does the job

I find this laundry liquid incredibly good for the price, especially to have such a short ingredient list. Because everyone know that the shorter the list, the better the product! This one's a staple at my house. Thanks as always UN!

Laundry liquid

I've only ever used a powder in my washing machines. I guess my Mum only ever used powder & I couldn't logically work out how a liquid would make any difference in the wash. I actually love this laundry liquid. It seems to clean the clothes very well, in fact, cleans up ground in dirt I thought would never come out & hadn't come out previously!!
However, it does leave behind a white paste in my machine drawer. It has never been on the clothes though & it is easy to wipe away so no actual problem.

Low-tox with great results

This laundry liquid is wonderful. We are a low-toxin household and prefer products that at toxin free... this laundry liquid is just that. It works really well and it is fantastic value. It is rather concentrated so you don’t need a lot. I actually spit into two containers and add 500ml water to each because I am heavy handed when I add it to the machine. Brilliant product that does exactly what is should, for a great price. I love this stuff and highly recommend this laundry liquid

Gabrielle Pearce
Laundry liquid

I love the laundry liquid and so does my partner. He doesn't like many changes I make but this one gets the tick of approval. I recently go a new washing machine/dryer and was informed that liquid is better for the machines as well as making it easier maintenance for it. I wanted something natural. I had tried others but I was not happy with the results. This one I am happy with! Thank you Uniquely Natural xxx
I am recommending it to all my interested friends. :)