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Body Wash 500ml

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Uniquely Natural Body Wash provides more skin benefits than soap, which might contain harsh substances that can dry your skin. Aside from the fresh, natural ingredients in our Body Wash and the remarkable moisturising effects, our Body Wash has several advantages over soaps. You probably already know how easy it is to use a Body Wash compared to soap. Using the same soaps can cause problems with cleanliness as well as dealing with different skin problems or concerns each family member has.
Soap can leave behind a residue in your shower. It can be slippery and difficult to use, Bodywash is easy to use and can be applied by hand, sponge, or loofah. Our Body Wash is suitable for the whole family.  Our Natural Body Wash is gentle on your skin and is enriched with Lavender Oil. Lavender Oil is known for the benefits of soothing skin irritation or merely nourishing delicate skin. This Body Wash is complimented with the incredible benefits of Avocado Oil, Apricot Oil, and Jojoba making it full of nourishment for your skin.

Sizes Available: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

Purified Water, Decyl Glucoside, Coco Betaine, Xanthan Gum, Lavender Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Sweet Almond Oil, Citric Acid, Avocado Oil, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oilsafe-checkout-uniquely-natural


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Leonie Kramer

Very happy so far !!!