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Body wash 250ml

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Uniquely Natural Body Wash 250ml is best defined as "a luxurious alternative to traditional soaps." With no artificial fragrances, parabens, sulphates, and harsh chemicals, it brings you a plethora of skin-loving benefits. We pack it with the goodness of fresh, natural ingredients - essential oils, botanical extracts gels, etc., that never fails to nourish and hydrate your skin from head to toe.

Soothe dryness, hydrate thirsty skin, or simply indulge in a moment of self-care!

Sizes Available: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

Our all-natural body wash's gentle formula can cleanse, offer moisturising effects, and ensure a soothing feel. Enriched with vitamins, it may give you a healthy, radiant complexion. After each wash, you get a subtle scent of lavender lingering in the air.

It is also available in a 1L bottle. For a more holistic experience, try our hemp body wash 500ml or Body Wash Orange Blossom 500ml 




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