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Facial Scrub 125ml: Exfoliating Skin Care

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Uniquely Natural Facial Toner Scrub is a great addition to your skincare routine. Our exfoliating face scrub offers various benefits that result in healthy-looking skin. Whether you have dull, dry skin or an oily complexion exfoliating can easily change things for the better.
When dead skin cells build up on the surface of your skin, it can result in your complexion looking dull. That is where our face scrub can become the essential accessory to your skincare routine. When you rid the surface of your old skin cell build-up, this can leave your complexion looking radiant.

Sizes Available: 125ml

Purified Water, Emulsifying Wax, Sweet Almond Oil, Sodium Hydroxymethygycinate, Lavender Oil, Apricot Oil, Citric Acid, Walnut Husks, Shea Butter

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Gentle Yet Super-Effective For Removing Dirt & Impurities

Having a facial scrub is essential in your skincare routine, but having an anatural, 1and plant-based, and gently formulated facial scrub is NECESSARY. 

Uniquely Natural Facial Scrub 125ml contains natural ingredients, making it suitable for all skin types, textures, tones, and concerns. This exfoliating face scrub gives you healthy, youthful, and glowing skin with its nourishing ingredients. It is made to:

  • Freshen up your dull complexion.
  • Hydrate your parched skin.
  • Rejuvenate your muted appearance.
  • Deeply cleanse your skin.

Formulated with vitamins, fatty acids, botanical ingredients, powerful extracts, and soothing essential oils, it uncovers a smoother, softer, and fresher face.

Exfoliate Your Skin Naturally!

From skin dryness and oiliness to a combination of both, let's put such issues to an end with our facial scrub. 

Apart from nourishment and cleansing, it delivers adequate hydration without using any abrasives, skin-irritating, or synthetic chemicals. When our scrub is gently massaged, it eliminates dead skin cells and build-up. You will notice a visible change after every wash. 

If you like treating your skin with cleanser, we have two varieties: Facial Cream Cleanser and Foaming Facial Cleanser. To complete your skincare routine, buy our Facial Toner, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, and Lip Balm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gentle but thorough

This is essentially just the cream cleanser with a pinch of ground-up nut shells for that extra scrubbing effect. Great at removing makeup or just for that extra cleanse once or twice a week. Smells great and no irritation.

Deborah Horrocks
Just a beautiful product

The smell is amazing and the perfect texture. My daughter loves it also - so now I definitely have to buy more. Highly recommend this scrub.