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Ladies Deodorant 125ml

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Uniquely Natural Ladies Deodorant is an aluminium and paraben-free, deodorant. It helps to eliminate the bacteria that causes odour without using harsh ingredients.

Sizes Available: 125ml

Purified Water, Rosewater, Sodium Chloride, Neroli Water, Phenoxyethanol, Man Deodorant, Citric Acid.


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Stay Dry, Comfortable, And Odour-Free

Our Ladies Deodorant 125ml caters to the unique needs of the modern woman. It contains no skin irritants, harsh chemicals, or synthetic fragrances. Without parabens and sulphates, deodorant offers protection against odour to keep you smelling fresh and pleasant. 

With our deodorant, you can have a fragrant journey as it carries a gracefully subtle yet noticeable scent - a blend of floral notes with vanilla and zest of citrus.

Spend each day with grace, unstoppable confidence, and extra freshness!

Uniquely Natural uses advanced formulations that are also safe for every skin type and are packed with natural ingredients and essential oils. Our Natures Secret Roll On Deodorant is another must-have accessory for women on the go. For men, we bring you a pleasant smelling deodorant and easy-to-apply Natural Defence Roll On Deodorant.

Customer Reviews

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Stay dry and smell fresh all day

My most favourite deodorant

Fresh natural scent and gentle

I absolutely loved the roll on and had to try the spray too. It works really really well keeping body odor at bay, has a lovely fresh natural scent and is gentle on my skin. I'll definitely buy again. Looking forward to trying Uniquely Natural's other products.