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The Household Pack: Complete Cleaning Solution

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Uniquely Natural household mega starter pack is the perfect way to start to make the transition.

The household pack is the all rounder pack , containing

Laundry liquid Powder 1kg, Dishwashing Machine Powder 1kg, Multi Purpose Cleaner 500ml ,Rinse Aid 250ml, Citrus Dishwashing Liquid 1 litre, Dishwashing Machine Salt 500gm

Adding this household pack to your home will be supporting a more holistic approach to your cleaning process. Whilst considering the environment.

When purchasing Uniquely Natural products are are supporting environmentally friendly products and Australian Made and Owned.

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Household Pack To Simplify Your Cleaning Chores 

Uniquely Natural Household Pack is all about adopting a lifestyle that is more natural, holistic, and eco-conscious. This bundle has all the necessary essentials required for cleaning, be it dishes or clothes. Each eco-safe cleaner and dishwasher are 100% natural, made with plant-based gels, extracts, active ingredients, and oils. They have gentle and mild formulations that neither harm the fabric/dish nor the planet.

The Quintessential All-Rounder For Improved Cleaning Routine

It contains:

  • Laundry Powder in a convenient 1kg bottle for washing clothes, leaving them with an invigorating scent and extra softness.
  • Residue-free Dishwashing Machine Powder removes oil and grease from dishes and makes them look squeaky clean.
  • A versatile Multi-Purpose Cleaner that is an expert in handling dirt and grime on all surfaces with a single swipe.
  • Rinse Aid for streak-free drying and an impressive shine on your dishes.
  • Citrus Dishwashing Liquid - sharply cutting through stains on dishes.
  • Dishwashing Machine Salt is a prime pick for softening water and preventing limescale buildup inside the dishwasher.

Australian-made and owned, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly products make our all-inclusive household pack.

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