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Rinse Aid 250ml: Sparkling Finish for Your Dishes

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Uniquely Natural Rinse Aid is made from Biodegradable ingredients that leave glassware, cutlery, and dishes sparkling clean.

Water, Alcohol, Lemon Oil 


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For Achieving Spotless, Streak-Free Dishes & Glassware

Have our all-natural Rinse aid 250ml in your cleaning arsenal so you never have to choose between affordability, quality, or sustainability.

Our rinse aid will make sure that your dishes come out from the dishwasher with a brilliant shine, no grease, no residue, and no stains. Our eco-safe drying agent is solely formulated to speed up the drying process so that it never lets the water droplets form or settle on freshly washed dishes. This is how it saves you from unsightly water spots and streaks.

It comprises elements that help break down and dissolve any lasting detergent residue, further improving the cleanliness of your dishes.

A Must-Have For Your Dishwashing Routine

What can you expect from our rinse aid?

·         Spot-free and fast drying

·         Enhanced shine with every wash

·         Reduced need for manual drying, ultimately saving you time and effort

·         Prevent the buildup of minerals

Using our rinse aid is simple and straightforward. All you need is to fill the dispenser with rinse aid (don’t overfill), close the lid tightly, and run your dishwasher.

You can have a bigger 500ml bottle for a month for large families. But what you primarily need is Uniquely Natural dishwashing liquid, dishwashing salt, and dishwashing powder. Does it cross your budget? Shop our ThePack  Household or Cleaning Starter Pack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sophie Wilksch
Great product

I have been using this for a few years now and very happy with the results. Simple, safe ingredients and does the job it's meant to. Will definitely keep using!

Julie Nott
Works really well

I was looking for a natural rinse aid that works well and found this. It doesn't have the chemical nasties of the big brand rinse aids, or the residual toxic smell but makes a visible difference to the result of our dishwasher. The less chemicals in our lives the better and it's not too expensive. I am reordering today :-)