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Sensitive Laundry Liquid: Gentle Cleaning Solution

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Uniquely Natural Sensitive Laundry Liquid is suitable for top-load washing Machines providing big results at an affordable price. Our Uniquely Natural Sensitive Laundry Liquid contains no enzymes, phosphates, or bleaches the laundry Liquid low in sodium, meaning it is safe for greywater use.

Uniquely Natural Sensitive Laundry Liquid is Top Loader Friendly. If you would like to use it in a front loader we would recommend using a small amount.

When purchasing Uniquely Natural products are are supporting environmentally friendly products and Australian Made and Owned.

Sizes Available: 1L

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Laundry Liquid Sensitive |  Remove Even The Toughest Stains

Uniquely Natural laundry liquid sensitive sucks out tough dirt and odours, as it contains powerful yet gentle-on-fabric stain fighters. It can be used for top-load and front-load washing machines, too. Liquid detergent is adaptable to different washing machine types. Also, it has a crisp, just-washed, fresh fragrance. 

Being low in sodium, laundry liquid promotes sustainability. It is Australian-made and owned, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. It ensures green and natural laundry care.

Formulated To Deeply Clean Clothes

On the one hand, it ensures a thorough washing experience with every cycle without using enzymes, phosphates, and bleaches. On the other hand, our laundry detergent keeps your clothes smelling fresh. It contains only natural ingredients - oils, gels, extracts, and cleaning agents all derived from plants.

Uniquely Natural's collection for laundry care also includes floral laundry liquid, laundry powder, and pre-wash stain remover. For a hassle-free routine, you can buy our Cleaning Starter Pack - a bundle of all products needed to keep clothes freshly washed and scented.

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Garry Wade
Laundry liquid

Been using this product for a year now and great for sentive skin conditions