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Dishwashing Salt 500g: Enhanced Cleaning

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Add Uniquely Natural Dishwashing machine Salt to your machine to help soften hard water. In areas with hard water, regenerating salt is required in dishwashers to soften the water, thus helping to prevent limescale from building up.


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Dishwasher Salt With Innovative Formula And Proven Effectiveness

How long have you been battling against hard water? Uniquely Natural brings you the solution - Dishwashing Salt 500g. 

Insoluble compounds formed from hard water minerals cling to plates, glassware, and inside dishwashers. Our dishwashing salt is a simple yet effective formula that takes care of persistent limescale buildup in your dishwasher. There will be no unsightly residues anymore, which could lead to diminished performance over time. 

Most importantly, buying all-natural salt can lead to long-term cost savings by decreasing the need for expensive repairs or replacements of dishwashers.

End The Frustration Of Dealing With Hard Water Stains

Mix it to your dishwasher's built-in water-softening system to guarantee optimal cleaning performance. With softened water, cleaners can lather more easily and quickly, resulting in spotless dishes.

Let it work its magic with each wash cycle.

Add it to your shopping list today along with other cleaning essentials - dishwasher liquid, citrus dishwasher liquid, and Dishwashing Machine Powder.

Customer Reviews

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Easy to order, not expensive, delivery always on time.
Higher recommended this company. Thanks guys


Wish was bigger but does its job

Tracey Manderson

Ok, so I actually waited a while before leaving a review. I had issues with receiving my first order and went and ordered from another place, so I ended up with 2 lots of dishwasher salt. Have to say Uniquely Natural works well and truly above the other with my machine. The other is more coarse and my machine just won't register that I have salt in it. So yes perfect. Will get ready to do another order well before I run out so I have no issues. Thanks for a great product.

Colin Brooks

Very good and quick service and will buy again

Kerri Martin
Dishwasher Salt

Great product