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Why Natural

Interesting Facts:
Skin is your body’s largest organ. An average adult’s skin spans 21 square feet, weighs 4.08233133 kilos, and contains more than 17.70km of blood vessels.
Many people have heard the benefits of buying natural produce and other items that have not been sprayed with chemicals, but few people thought about the advantages of using a natural shampoo, skin care, baby care and household cleaning products. If you are concerned about eating potentially toxic chemicals, can you imagine the damage that can be done by directly applying toxic chemicals to your body or the impact on the environment.
The mild ingredients found in natural shampoos are naturally gentler on your scalp. You will notice the is no residue after you rinse.  Shampoos do not need to foam a lot to clean as it is commonly thought, we have learnt to believe that foam cleanses but foam creates bubbles and does not necessarily clean. Many shampoos found on the supermarket shelf contain inexpensive, petrochemically derived detergents such as Phenyoxyethanol which is used as a preservative & Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate(SLES),Olefin Sulfonate also referred to as sulphates they are know for their foaming properties. These chemicals can dry out the hair and scalp, and may cause allergic reactions. We also need to consider what impact these ingredients may have on the environment.
Uniquely Natural shampoos use mild cleansing agents which cleanses the hair effectively with a modest lather.
It is often asked if products placed on the skin could it enter the body through our pores, and then travel through the entire body via the circulatory system? This is possible and this is why it is especially important to scrutinize ingredients when selecting body care products.
Our products are made right here in Australia. We use plant based & natural derived ingredients wherever possible. The essential oils used in our natural skin care products are carefully selected for maximum benefits for your skin. Essential oils have long been promoted for their benefits and bring results in natural skin care. A rich glowing and healthy skin is one of the most attractive parts of a person. That is the reason, many of us are looking at what is best for our skin and long term health


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