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Take the Challenge and Detox your Hair, Body & Home

Switch from Synthetic and Go Natural
Switching from a typical commercial shampoo to an all natural shampoo can be difficult as we are normally think that foam equals better cleaning, however is this really true?
Unfortunately, many consumers have the perception that a lot of foam = cleaner hair, but this is not the case: the foam itself doesn’t help clean your hair. SLS is commonly used, because it’s cheap and has the ability to foam up. High foam does not mean you have a quality product and infact is it really good for your hair?

Natural Shampoos and Conditioner offer superb cleaning ability and will produce a mild foam that will cleanse your hair thoroughly. Just be patient while you make the change, it make take a few washes to adjust but you will never look back. Whether you want to switch to an natural shampoo out of concern for the environment or your own health and beauty, I encourage you to commit to making that change today!

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