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On-The-Go Protection: 50ml Hand Sanitizer

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Uniquely Natural Hand Sanitiser is simple, fast, and effective killing 99.99% of germs. Our Hand Sanitiser has 70% alcohol content and has been clinically tested

Sizes Available: 50ml, 125ml, 250ml,1L

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat Purified Water, Hydroxy propyl guar, Citric Acid.


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Keep Your Hands Clean & Germ-Free 

Our all-natural hand sanitiser 50ml offers simple yet fast and effective germ-killing qualities for maintaining hand hygiene. Available in a small bottle, you can carry it along whether travelling, having a jog, or going grocery shopping. Formulated with your safety in mind, we have only used natural essential oils and plant-based gels and extracts along with 70% alcohol content.

Killing 99.99% of germs to reduce the risk of illness and infection!

Our clinically tested and approved hand sanitiser is also a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly product. You have two other bottle options: Hand Sanitiser 125ml and Hand Sanitiser 250ml. Uniquely Natural also has an extensive collection of naturally-made body wash and hand wash.