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Dishwashing Liquid 1L: Effective Cleaning Power

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Our all-natural dishwashing liquid is a one-of-a-kind eco-safe detergent everyone needs for their household. Formulated to cut through even the toughest stains and oily residues, it leaves no odour or streaks behind.

  • It contains purified water as the base ingredient or solvent, responsible for ensuring a consistent/runny texture.
  • Our dishwasher liquid has two surfactants. Firstly, Coco betaine is necessary for the foaming action, allowing better cleaning. Secondly, Decyl Glucoside helps break grease and dirt, making it effortless to wipe.
  • To make sure the detergent adheres to the dishes, we use a thickening agent called Xanthan Gum.
  • You can use our dishwasher liquid for a long time, thanks to our selection of preservatives – Phenoxyethanol.
  • The use of lemon oil lets our vegan-friendly product give a fresh citrus aroma to linger on.
  • Lastly, Citric Acid serves as a pH adjuster and chelating agent, balancing the acidity of the formula.

Made from biodegradable ingredients and comes in recyclable packaging!

Sizes Available: 1L

You can also buy it in a small packaging of 500ml. Not a fan of liquid? We have dishwashing powder that you must couple up with dishwasher salt for better results.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Have been addicted since day 1

ough to stay at a B&B which supplied kitchen and toiletries by Uniquely Natural.
We are from W.A. and have moved to S.A recently with a child needing transplant here at Flinders. We value natural, organic and earth sensitive products for our own health but also our sons health while he awaits his surgery.
Uniquely Natural is now a staple in our home. The products are gentle, non irratating to our family and make me feel like im back home
Im forever thankful we came across the B&B here in Adelaide that was supporting a local business. And im thankful the products have been that amazing for my family that we cant go back now after trying them.
The smell, texture and gen tle formulations in the washing liquid and dish wash liquid are genuinely appreciated, that someone took the time to make something to give care to others out there in the world.
Well done team. 👏 my family will never go back now 😊😊

Amazing Clean!

This is, hands down, the best dishwashing liquid I have ever used in the last 50 years! No chemical artificial smell, just great cleaning!

Lovely liquid

Lovely light liquid, washes great and smells amazing. Delivery is quick and well packaged as always.


We like the it ,we trying to get away from chemicals

Helena A
Good Product

This is a great dish washing liquid. It does not irritate hands and has a nice subtle fragrance.