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Lavender Shampoo 1L: Soothing Hair Care

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What makes our all-natural Lavender shampoo 1L a prime pick for damaged, dried, and dull hair? 

  • It deeply hydrates each strand while retaining the natural moisture.
  • The scalp is greatly nourished, leaving no residue behind.
  • Shampoo gently smoothes hair cuticles to ensure a silky look.
  • Reduces frizz to make hair easy to brush and style.

 Sizes Available: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

For Ultimate Hair Conditioning

Apart from hair cleaning and moisturising benefits, the calming fragrance of lavender brings a relaxing and holistic experience. We use no parabens or sulphates to make it usable for all skin types and hair textures. The gentle formulation of natural ingredients has an impressive nurturing essence of sealing in hydration and imparting a shine.

An opportunity for your hair to look and feel its best!

Need a smaller bottle? Buy our Lavender Shampoo in 500ml. Also, we suggest using it with our Natural Lavender Conditioner for extra smooth hair. If you want to try another one of our best shampoos, Revitalising Shampoo should be in your cart.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Georgina Sounness

A beautiful shampoo. The frangrance is wonderful.

Jackie Morgan

We went on holiday about 10 years ago and the home we stayed in on Kangaroo Island had this in the shower. We used it, loved it and have only used it ever since. It is so gentle on your hair and makes my curls soft and less frizzy. Best product and one I cannot recommend highly enough.

Hair is so shiny!

I've always been weary of natural shampoos as sometimes they leave the hair dry and frizzy. This shampoo combined with the conditioner are absolutely amazing and my hair feels so healthy and shiny. I can honestly say it's better than a salon shampoo and no nasty chemicals.

Gaynor Petchell

Love this shampoo, conditioner. Love all uniquely natural products. Have used these for a long time. Hair, and skin is so much better for using them.